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Harness The Power Of Mind Control For Self-Betterment

Posted by admin on 13 December 2008

Spiralling down into a state of wake-unconsciousness is not like how you see it on T.V. Self hypnosis is something I would not recommend because the potential disasters are very real, and severe damage could happen to anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Now, I realise that it is extremely useful and that personal development practitioners have been touting the power of hypnotism for the past few decades. There is nothing new about it at all and science, as well as medicine, has been using hypnotism in areas of healing and brain activity improvement for a long time.

The thing is, doing this yourself is like opening your mind to the world. In a state of hypnosis, you feel lighter and more vapid, as if you are in your own dream with a certain amount of control. It is an OOB or out of body experience and you feel extremely relaxed and detached from the rest of the world. The mind in this state is extremely suggestible and nobody has any idea how suggestible we are.  You can be totally immersed in the whole experience, so immersed in fact – you might not be able to fully come out of it. What you are doing is bypassing the brains defence mechanism – the conscious mind, and literally gaining access to the core building blocks and controlling agents of your behaviours, your attitudes and your personality. The subconscious mind is incapable of anything but doing whatever you tell it to, which is a dangerous power in itself.

There is a moral reasoning here as some say no one should have that sort of power or control over their subconscious. It’s true that currently there is no regulatory body that says you cannot self hypnotize (and obviously no way to control it). But, you have no idea of the true impact of some messages as they get transplanted directly into the brain, so it can actually do more bad than good if you think about it. Your mind is something you should not tamper with lightly and because the majority of self hypnotists are not exactly experts, the chances of things going wrong are very tenable. Leave these things to licensed and governed practitioners or seek the advice of a doctor before you do anything.

Some self hypnosis programs are also used for things other than good – it can be engineered for you to purchase something you don’t need. The profit factor is always out there and you should be wary of these programs. Do plenty of research, and if you need self improvement, there are many brain wave entrainment programs out there that use safer and more visceral methods than putting yourself in that vulnerable state where anything can happen. The dangers of self hypnosis are very real and you should avoid it at all costs. Personal development is great and the mind is a powerful thing but you need the right tools before you go in and decide you want to change some things.

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