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Free Hypnosis Sessions – Why You Should Be Wary

Posted by admin on 10 December 2008

Hypnosis is when the mind is settled into an almost trance like state – induced by suggestive sentences, sometimes with the use of music, speech and even visual stimulation. Traditionally a hypnotist is present to induce the state of sleep in the person and the use of props like watches and pendulums are not uncommon at all. Self or auto hypnosis is also becoming fairly common these days but highly opposed because of the dangers of regression and the possible inability to come out of the spell on ones own. Hypnosis belongs to the school of thought that exists in the early 1940’s  – as a tool to induce the preconscious mind, so that suggestive sentences and verbal persuasions can be introduced directly to the preconscious mind and hopefully good results will occur – like kicking a bad habit or changing a negative aspect of behaviour.

The literature behind hypnotism is quite extensive and it has many physical and psychotherapeutic applications – from reduction in pain all the way to an increased motivation to kick a bad habit or to lose weight.  While extensive, there is much doubt in general when hypnosis is used as an alternative form of medication or as a complement to drugs during the healing process.

Especially now when hypnotism has entered the commercial market and profits are within the arena of the practice, we have to question the motives and principles for those who promote hypnosis, especially those who offer free hypnosis sessions. You should be wary of these people and especially the claims they make; do as much research as possible before deciding whom to go to. My rationale is very simple, hypnosis should never be an option for those looking to use mind focusing and mind changing techniques to help in the path to personal development. There are many good reasons for this.

One, when you are under the spell, you are left at the mercy of the hypnotist, someone you barely know and most likely have just met. When you are under the spell, you will not be aware of the sort of messages that have been implanted in you – especially those that have been placed for personal gain. Let me give you a simple example. A hypnotist can bombard you with suggestions to purchase a product from him at an exorbitant price and when you are brought out of the spell, you might just buy it, or pass him money, or give your ATM pin number or combination for your safe. What they can do is limitless, especially when they have access to your subconscious – the memory banks of the mind where everything that you have ever remembered from the day that you were born is stored in side. Would you want someone to have that kind of access to your life? I think not.

There are many other ways you can change your mind and change your life; brainwave entrainment is one such method that you can utilise – it is widely available on the internet and its technology is backed by scientific and medical communities all over the world, making it a much safer alternative to hypnosis.

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