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Experience An Enhanced Power Of Mind With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 17 March 2009

Fine tuning the brain and experiencing enhanced power of mind with brainwave entrainment became a stark reality when the personal development industry took a hold of known and complicated technology and tried to repackage it for the masses. The intentions of this industry were noble, looking past the profit and neo-liberalist market principles of the marketplaces in which these products were bartered, traded and sold, we see a glimmer of hope for those who wish to improve themselves. This was an excellent move and consumer level brain enhancing products began to flood the market – the better ones being based and certified by known scientific luminaries and known medical research.

What followed then was an explosion of brainwave entrainment technology because of the principles in which it was built on. There was the ease of use for one thing, the end user need only to find a quiet corner, insert the CD and then listen to the engineered sounds embedded in relaxing music. With the advent of MP3 technology, there was the possibility of receiving the product through email, through carrier service online and even through a simple download button. With more and more portable carriers becoming available, and some being cleverly embedded into hand phones; everyone could carry a brain enhancer in the comfort of their pockets. Secondly, the ease of getting it.

There were so many companies online that were offering this service, and now the number has exponentially multiplied over the past few years. Mind enhancing software, subliminal CDs and binaural beats; all of these were available online. All one had to do was to log on to the internet, find a search engine and voila, they were within minutes of making a secure order and download. The technology is completely natural, with no drugs, no stimulants and no liquids that one has to ingest. For those who are afraid of being poked by a needle or even ingesting medicine, then this is the sort of mind power enhancement that you need. The technology shifts your brain into one of its natural frequency states, experienced either when you are asleep or you are awake.

Although the science is much more specific than that, what happens is that within these frequency states, your brain can morph into a super thinker, or a super creative entity. All you need to do is to trigger those states and then you will be on your way to an enhanced power of mind you never realise you could have. It is quite amazing what this technology can do for you and the greatest thing about it is that science and medicine has not even traversed the entire landscape of the mind. Once we have refined our tools and refined our methods, who knows what other discoveries can be had and what other areas we can mine to extract more knowledge and more aspects of self improvement. The possibilities are quite endless with brainwave entrainment. So what have you got to lose? The technology to change your life is here, and you shouldn’t let it go to waste.

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