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Does hypnosis work at all?

Posted by admin on 25 December 2009

Thinking about how we all think about hypnosis, we need to address whether or not it has been effective at all through the people that have been using this. When you are thinking about this, what you need to do is to think about the supposed measurements on the successes of hypnosis and look at the methods of hypnotism that are being used within this day and age. When we do this, we can critique on how these methods work and whether or not they are effective at all in the first place. Are the people who are going to these hypnotists to solve all their problems really getting the help that they are getting?

For one thing, you need to look at the method of hypnosis and it basically works in one way. Eventually, what you can understand of how it works is that the hypnosis is trying to heighten your senses, rather than sink them deep into the ocean of your mental sea. Most people actually think that they are being sunk under, but they are actually quite aware during these sessions. What happens is that the pre conscious mind is brought out and the hypnotist will talk to it, in the hope that there will be a much better chance for the messages that they have prepared to get into the mind and stay there.

So, for one thing, many people believe that the methods being used by the hypnotists is actually a blunt tool compared to more sharp and focused methods out there. There is no way that you can actually measure whether or not the methods of hypnotism that are being used are working at all. There is no measurement, no data, and no numbers that can be crunched. What you have is the supposedness that these messages work, and how do we measure that against the fact that these patients actually desire to actually get better.

This is what has been bothering many people when it comes with hypnosis. They are unable to measure the rate of their success, and many times, people actually go back to the same hypnotist for the same treatment because they feel that their sessions are not working. When ever they leave the session, they feel that they are able to regain back that strength. This is the heroine effect, which means that the initial session will have the greatest effect due to the fact that it stays in their mind the longest.

So, when you are thinking about the methods that you are using, and look at the true power of the hypnosis. You can use methods like brainwave entrainment, which have been gaining massive amount of popularity throughout the world and has been the preferred tool for people to gain their mental redevelopment and gain some leverage on their lives. So, in the age old question whether or not hypnosis works, then you can think about how it is done, and look at the more advanced methods available to you.

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