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Does Hypnosis Work And Should I Avoid It?

Posted by admin on 15 March 2009

Hypnosis is when you induce (or someone else) induces a trance like state in your mind with the use of aspects of patterned suggestion organised by professionals, using moving objects and verbal persuasion to induce the subject into a state of sub conscious awakening. It is done firstly by trying to instil a sense of relaxation in the person, often with the use of music or even conversation.

Once the person is truly relaxed and there is no trace of tension or nervousness in the person, then the hypnotist will then move forward with the procedure and use that relaxed state of mind to induce hypnotism. While most people believe that hypnotism is about the body and mind being asleep, they could not be more wrong because the medical term of hypnosis is the when a subject is induced into a trance like state where he or she is experiencing more focus, more attention and a heightened sense of awareness.

The only thing about hypnotism is that the subject is not aware of what is going on around them, as they have a decrease in physical perception and peripheral awareness. The uses of hypnotism are great and varied across many aspects of medical and physical science. One of the ways hypnotism can be useful is that it can be used as a painkiller, a precursor to weight loss, treatments of all sorts of topical skin rashes and skin diseases as well as to a sort of psychological therapy against a whole hosts of phobias. While these may sound like an accomplished resume, one must understand that hypnosis is not the universal solution to different brain configurations.

There are many people out there that seemed to be immune to its treatment methods and cannot fall into the trance like state. Even those who are able to fall into the state have no positive changed due to hypnosis. The key behind hypnosis is that it slips the subject into a state of what many brain doctors called, hyper suggestibility, where the mind is extremely malleable to perception and verbal stimuli. The bombardment of this persuasion, especially when it comes to this state, is generally believed eventually by the subject and he weaves this belief into his spirit and soul.

But there are more, other effective technology that can help you and anyone gain that state of hyper suggestibility and all you need to do is investigate the other applications of autogenics and brainwave entrainment that have been re packaged into consumer grade products which you can use for your own benefits and self improvement. Not everyone can have the access to a hypnotist and a controlled environment and not everyone will be able to find it in them to trust someone with the sensitivities of their subconscious mind. You should avoid hypnosis if you are a casual user or someone who is more interested in personal development. You have more control over the process and can exact the results that you need.

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