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D03 Attaining Delayed Ejaculation

Posted by admin on 26 September 2008

“Discover The Secret To Keeping Your Lover Fulfilled,

Satisfied And Begging For More…100% Guaranteed!”

Dear friend,

Keeping a lover satisfied in bed is no easy feat. As men, we are physiologically designed to climax after only a couple of minutes. Women, on the other hand, take about 20 minutes to achieve an orgasm.

This means we would have to ‘work’ almost 10 times longer to satisfy our partners! And those of us who suffer from premature ejaculation will be even worse off.

But is it truly so difficult to bring pleasure to our loved ones? How do so many men around the world manage to give mind-blowing, multi-orgasmic sex to their lovers? How do they manage to last so long in bed?

You see, the key to delayed ejaculation lies in our minds. Our bodily reactions to sexual stimuli are controlled partly by our conscious thoughts, and partly by our unconscious thoughts. By and large, it is our unconscious thoughts that control our tolerance for ejaculating too quickly.

Thankfully, with today’s advanced Brainwave technology, we can virtually ‘train’ our minds to effectively delay the instinct to ejaculate too soon.

  • Are you often embarrassed or feeling guilty for ending a love-making session too soon because of premature ejaculation?
  • Do you wish to improve the physical and emotional intimacy you share with your partner?
  • Do you wish to become the best lover your partner ever had?
  • Have you often wanted to impress your lover with your sexual prowess by giving her multiple, mind-blowing orgasms?

Now, you’ll be able to feel the satisfaction of providing the earth-shattering sex that your lover will never forget – and you’ll be able to do that effortlessly as you impress her with your long lasting love-making sessions.

Introducing Our Award-winning Brainwave Entrainment CD

Attaining Delayed Ejaculation (D03)

Attaining Delayed Ejaculation Brainwave Entrainment

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Attaining Delayed Ejaculation (D03)

Attaining Delayed Ejaculation Brainwave Entrainment

Usual Price: $25.95


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