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Control Your Brain Waves, Control Your Life

Posted by admin on 04 November 2008

I am pretty sure that the first question that comes to your mind when you read the title is – what is this guy talking about? Well, that was my initial reaction the moment someone told me that controlling my brainwaves was the key to reaching the goals in my life. I looked at him, raised my eyebrows and sniffed hard for traces of whiskey. But all kidding aside, this statement is the new masthead for the personal development industry of today. Brain wave entrainment, or the technology or method of triggering specific electromagnetic waves from your cerebrum is a reality in today’s society. Packaged in something as ordinary as a CD or a manual, this is the new holy grail of mental control and taking back control of your life like you have never imagined.

The rationale behind this is simple. Science has discovered that acute states of internal human abilities can be related to specific electromagnetic frequency states produced by neurons and chemical reactions within the cerebral cortex. For example, during the space of time just before or after you sleep, your brain produces low frequency waves that have been associated with states of relaxation and super learning, where information can be retained and the IQ is at its peak. There are also states where one can have better focus, alertness or even states that invoke great healing powers within the body.

The study has been well documented. Patients in a hospital given a placebo but exposed to nurturing and supporting staff, an atmosphere that retains a sense of buoyancy and happiness, seem to heal faster than most. Slanting the brain in a positive perception actually fires up the body’s healing process. Brainwave entrainment has been researched into the study of healing mind related disease and even helping patients with amnesia regain their memory retaining capabilities.

Clever little men in white coats have discovered that engineered beats that have differing frequencies (beyond human hearing) can actually invoke a cortical response and fires up the neurons to let loose brainwaves for a specific purpose. Got a med exam the next day and the textbooks look like they have been written in ancient Chinese? Fire up the alpha state frequencies and absorb information like never before. Feel restless and can’t seem to rest easy? Then invoke just the right amount of brain wave frequencies and slide into a state of deep meditation.

These beats are weaved into a music file of soothing music and introduced into the brain through your earphones. Other methods include biofeedback and autogenic or even the use of traditional yoga and music to soothe the mind and reprogramme the subconscious with positive thinking. Even magnetic field research is able to execute brain wave entrainment.

The possibilities are endless. If you ever feel constantly depressed and need to rekindle you drive to live and drive to succeed, then just give your brain waves a push in the right direction. Control is the bottom line to succeed and controlling your mind and focusing to reach your goals is something that is truly priceless.

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