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Changing Subliminal Perceptions With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 23 April 2009

 Before we get to the nitty gritty of brainwave entrainment, the first thing that should be done is to address the term subliminal perception. What that means is how your pre-awareness perceives your own internal abilities through external and environmental interactions defines the level of brain activity and ability that can or perhaps cannot handle a given problem or experience. While complicated in itself, it is simply an explanation of how the mind works and how much the brain performs based upon the limitations placed by the subconscious mind. The thing here is that whatever limitations there are to mental performance, it can all be traced to the subconscious mind and how it determines brain power.

Developments in the personal development industry and cerebral science have revealed many interesting things about the brain and how it develops from the foetal stages all the way to adulthood. Since this article does not allow the space necessary for a lengthy scientific explanation, the findings will have to be summarised to a succinct point. Your brain is in fact operating at a level far below optimal, otherwise you would have noticed that you might possess a single talent that far surpasses other people’s, and other people may have talents in different or similar areas that can surpass yours. These are the ‘peaks’ that mental protagonists refer to when describing brain power, and the fact is, we all have a certain talent of ability.

But why limit yourselves to this when you can have 100% operating capacity in the brain that can give you the edge in life that you need? The brain actually works in different frequency states and these are reflected as electromagnetic frequency readings that show up on sensitive equipment. What happens is that this changes when you are either awake or asleep. These two states can then be further split into certain sub categories that have specific abilities that the brain can perform while in these states. For example, when you are awake, your frequency ranges are pretty high, and while you are more alert, it has properties of ‘super states’ which you can use to your own advantage. For example, higher frequencies have been associated with levels of increased creativity, mental focus and problem solving. While the associations are much more intricate than this (with the fact that the brainwaves are divided into 5 specific categories by experts on brainwave entrainment), the general idea is that these specific brainwaves can be evoked using binaural beats, which are audio signals introduced directly to the brain through the auditory response systems.

These sounds are introduced at varying frequencies that are subsonic, and are picked up by the cortical of the brain. For example, a 450 and a 440HZ tone introduced into each ear will cause the brain to respond with a 10Hz signal. The subsonic tone will be able to affect the state of mind of the subject, and the good thing about this technology is that the science is extremely exact and can deliver desired results within a single session.

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