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Caution – The Dangers Of Hypnosis Induction

Posted by admin on 07 April 2009

Some would say that caution is too mild of a word when it comes to theories of hypnosis induction. Proponents of the rationale against this sort of mind therapy have many pointers to let loose upon the world of self-development. Hypnosis and all its form carry with it very dangerous connotations for the end user, especially when they subject themselves to the therapy. Playing around with the sub conscious mind is like playing around with your heart, or opening up a super computer and deciding to tinker around with a screw driver. Firstly, no one should be given this sort of power, especially an external hypnotist.

When you are in the state of being hypnotised, your peripheral awareness is drastically reduced, which means that your immediate reality is not immediately obvious to you. You can see, but your vision might not coincide with the external environment. Your auditory stimulation is highly sensitive now, because when in that state, the other senses controlled in the cortex are highly sensitive. This is why the hypnotist can speak to you while you are in that meditative state. The danger here is that you have opened the lid to your mind to another person, and that control should only be limited to yourself.

While this article is not here to spread horror stories around about hypnosis, these sort of cases have been well documented. Hypnotists, nefarious ones with criminal intent have been known to place inside undesirable messages that have adverse effects upon the person being hypnotised. Also, they take advantage of the fact that while under, they can mine almost whatever personal information that they have. The point that the mind will not do anything it wants is quite valid – if you do not wish to give out your secure information or personal information about yourself, most of the time, you won’t even if you are under the control of someone else.

But, cunning hypnotist can use simulation and perceived states to get this information. For example, the hypnotists can make you believe that you are approaching an ATM to withdraw money, or speaking to a personal contact to reveal sensitive information. Never give yourself over to some one else’s control, because this is dangerous. ¬†Also, hypnotic induction has the same effects as acid trips, and anyone who has ever read about them will understand. Flashes are very possible, especially if the therapy was extensive and very deep. This means that you can go through live with adverse effects like flash backs, mental breakdowns, un explained behavioural patterns, which could possibly lead to mind degenerative diseases or mild cases of pathological conditions.

While this is still a rare percentage among people who have gone through hypnotic induction; the reality is that it is still there; the possibility cannot be overlooked or buried under a sheet of negligible statistics. The dangers of hypnosis induction are quite real and it is time we stood up and took notice; there are many and much safer ways for mental development around as reliable alternatives to a more dangerous truth.

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