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C14 Learn To Forgive

Posted by admin on 26 September 2008

“Finally! You Can Let Go Of All That Hatred And

Resentment That’s Been Eating You Up Inside”

Dear friend,

It is easy to feel bitter and resentful whenever someone does us wrong. The hurt and pain that we initially feel soon turns to anger and spite. Thoughts of revenge cross our minds, and we often let our emotions get the better of us.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine”

Many of us view forgiveness as something we do as a favor to others – “I forgive you because I am a good person”, or “I forgive you because I don’t want you to feel guilty”.

However, what we don’t realize is that being a forgiving person actually helps us too!

You see, the thoughts of hatred and resentment that we keep within us are actually very destructive to our own mental and emotional well-being. When we are mad at someone, our physiological bodies flare up, and we are unable to find peace within ourselves. Holding a grudge for someone is like holding onto a piece of hot coal – the tighter and longer we hold on to it, the more we end up hurting ourselves.

  • Do you find yourself constantly harboring grudges towards people?
  • Are you finding it hard to find peace within yourself?
  • Do you feel like you cannot get a grip on your emotions because you’re simply too angry or disappointed at someone?
  • Have you often wished to be able to rid yourself of the negative feelings your have about others?

To forgive someone is one of the hardest things to do. You may want to forgive that someone on an intellectual level, but deep in your heart you’re still unable to do so.

The key to inner peace is to truly forgive wholeheartedly, in your mind and in your heart. That’s the only way to truly ‘let go’ and become the happy and cheerful person that you once were.

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