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Break Down The Walls Of Insecurity With Power Of The Mind

Posted by admin on 13 March 2009

Insecurity is a huge problem in people nowadays. It can be a huge wall, a stumbling block to realising success. It can also be a bane in relationships, the main cause of introversion, lack of achievement, ambition and even momentum to improve one’s life. Insecurity can lead people to turn to other things that can be dangerous to their health, like addictions – hazardous placebos to¬† take away the feeling of insecurity or give them solace from their failures in life.

What is insecurity? In actual fact, mental experts place insecurity as a sort of phobia within the mind, a reaction to situations. It is how people cope, how they react and how their bodies respond to their feelings of insecurities. This can be manifested in emotions like fear, nervousness, restlessness, hate, anger, misplaced judgements, cold sweats, stress head aches; the list goes on and on. This article will tell you how to break down the walls of insecurity with the power of the mind. Why the mind?

Well, that is because the root of anyone’s insecurity lies deep within the sub conscious mind. All the physical and emotional manifestations are direct instructions from the subconscious to your cortex – it is telling the brain to release hormones and chemical reactions associated with these physical and emotional symptoms. People who are insecure can be so because of a whole host of reasons. One of them can be past trauma, experienced during their childhood. Or it could be a repetitive event, played out during their developmental years as children or teenagers. It could be due to stunted growth, or the absence of parenthood, or discipline in their lives. In adults, it could be due to stress, due to a single earth shattering event, being cheated on, duped and way laid in life.

This is because these strong emotions get planted in the sub conscious and like a bad recorder, they get constantly replayed within the mind; activated when similar conditions occur. Insecurity was only recently associated with phobias, but there is still a grey area in the scientific nature of the ailment that all humans have to varying degrees. Understand this, this problem can be easily taken away and confidence can be restored to the person very easily. While we do not have easy access to mediation, hypnosis, affirmation or large mental invasive machines borne of science, the personal development industry has left something of a miracle at the door of humanity.

It is brainwave entrainment, the ability to reach down into the subconscious and reprogram it with positive messages. The technology uses varying frequency sculpted sounds to invoke a frequency state within the brain (naturally produced within the cortical) that makes the subconscious mind more pliable to reprogramming and regressive therapy. All you need to do is to pop in the CD and plug in some headphones and after some therapy (few weeks), you will experience a change in your insecurities; you will feel more confident. This is how you can break down the walls of insecurity with the power of the mind.

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