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Brainwaves – Your Most Important Tool to Success

Posted by admin on 03 November 2008

Your brain exists in different stages that are determined by the state that you are in. Conscious, walking around or even in deep sleep – our brains produce electromagnetic waves in differing frequency ranges that have been scientifically marked as Alpha all the way to the Theta stage. From mental focus to alertness and emotional stability, each frequency has a function which seems to be optimised when produced. What this means is that brainwaves can produce an enhanced reaction – learn better, speak better, think better etc – and this is why they are your most important tool to success.

Specific brainwave patterns act as keys that unlock a specific talent. I will give a brief run down on the several aspects of brainwaves and what they can do for you. Alpha state brainwaves are the lowest normally running to only as high as 12Hz and we usually experience this just before or just after a deep sleep. As you can imagine this is when the brain is most relaxed, chemical reactions happen within this state trigger an almost hypnotic, meditative state. It is also associated with a stimulation of the immune system and wakes up part of the brain that is involved in learning and retaining information.

Beta state frequencies run to about 38Hz and start at about 15Hz. Their low and high resonance frequencies are associated with mental abilities, mental focus, increased IQ functions as well as overall alertness. While there are negative aspects like agitation and some anger; beta state is normally useful because it happens during our wakeful stage and keeps us keenly alert.

Delta and Theta states are associated with extremely low frequency resonance that start from well below 1 Hz and only go as high as 8Hz. Delta, because of its low frequency, is experienced in deep, dreamless and non-REM sleep and is associated with healing, growth, language retention and emotion. Theta is slightly higher (3Hz – 8Hz) and happens in meditative state of light sleep or extreme relaxation. It is a good state to treat ailments like insomnia and is linked to acute states of extreme creativity.

As you can see, each specific frequency has many different applications and the body uses them to perform certain functions. Their by-products, such as increased creativity, increased ability to learn and higher intelligence; are the ones that we all are interested in. There is technology that can focus and invoke these particular frequencies in the brain almost at will, or with a flick of a switch. Not all of us can readily go into a deep meditative state but technology and science has stepped in to fill in the gap.

From binaural beats, magnetic wave, induced meditation, yoga and hypnosis – there are many ways to unlock and focus the power of brainwaves and wield it effectively to achieve your success in any area. Ever wanted to study and learn better? Then unlock your alpha state brain waves and learn like you have never before. You get the idea – now it’s time to act on it.

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