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Brainwave Technology – Why There’s No Need To Learn Hypnosis To Change Your Subconscious

Posted by admin on 26 November 2008

This is the difference between the general and specific. Hypnosis is a blunt tool when it comes to mind control and its main strength is opening the mind up and making it more malleable for change. This general approach is why a hypnosis tape won’t work as well as brainwave entrainment technology. There is a hope factor when hypnosis is in the bargain because the messages that are inserted in are inserted into an environment where they may or may not be accepted by the subconscious. Hypnosis is no guarantee that the mind can be reprogrammed because scientifically speaking, there is a specific frequency that the brain and its neurons must be in so that messages can be effectively placed. Hypnosis does not guarantee this and since most of the time they are done in an uncontrolled environment, there are no readings to be compared against. Brainwave technology is more specific and it identifies and knows the specific states the brain must be in so that certain objectives can be achieved. You just can’t tell the brain to ‘learn more’ or ‘learn this language easily’ when it is in a state of deep relaxation. There should never be a hit and miss philosophy when it comes to the brain and this is why you should use brainwave entrainment technology if you truly need a viable solution for personal improvement.

The brain has about 5 frequency states, ranging from Beta to Delta (Beta, SMR, Alpha, Theta and Delta) and each has a frequency range has a specific use that can be capitalised on. The thing is we go through life in a mismatched state, we learn when our brain is in a state to relax and we work when we are unfocused. We do not use the states even when they match the things we want to do because we do not realise it. A whole load of scientific research has allowed normal people like us to invoke the cerebrum into particular frequencies that we can use. For example, if you have a major paper on the next day, you should fire up the brainwave entrainment technology and induce of Alpha state (8-12Hz) where your accelerated learning capabilities are invoked and you will absorb and analyse information at a level beyond your normal capabilities. This is the specifics that I am talking about. Brainwave technology targets what you need and when you need it and this is why hypnosis tapes won’t work as well as brainwave entrainment technology. We are comparing a dull instrument to a surgeon’s tools. When you want to pick at the brain would you use a cudgel or a fine tuned instrument? The answer is obvious and thus the answer to this article should be obvious to you. Never rely on a general solution but always find the specialist when it comes to specific targets. Then and only then will you be able to improve your life and better yourself.

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