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Brainwave patterns, subliminal seduction, hypnotising them with music

Posted by admin on 24 November 2009

Looking at brainwave patterns, many experts in the game of love have surmised that subliminal seduction and music are really great ways for you to succeed in the game of love. Music is a real important part of the game of seduction and what you need to know is that you need to be able to queue the right kind of music for the right kind of mood. Playing heavy metal might not get a girl in the mood, unless she is a rocker chick, and then, you need to find some really mellow heavy metal as well. It is proven that sound is a crucial factor that activates the cortical in the brain, which can then affect plenty of the functions and emotions of the human body, so if you have that kind of weaponries music at your disposal, then the possibilities are quite endless with the game of seduction.

Music soothes the soul, and in this case, it can arouse the senses to actually make seducing someone else that much easier. For one thing, you need to know that music plays a large part of our lives and they affect how much we are behaving as a person. For example, let us go back to the rocker chick theory. If we were to bang really heavy metal music with plenty of angst lyrics, more often that not, you would begin to feel angst and begin to bang some stuff near you. Images of your enemies roasting in open fires would come to your mind and you would end up venting the built in rage you had for the past work week, splitting your bosses in two, boiling your irate colleague and even blasting the entire office building to smithereens.

As you can see, the music has brought out the existing feelings of stress and anger that you already have in your mind. But bear in mind the very special word that comes in here and that word is pre existing. Which means that if you bring back a girl that has absolutely zero interest and attraction in you, you can play the most romantic music in the world, proven tunes to turn on a stone and she would rather copulate with the wall. She or he in fact, has to have existing feelings for you and the best thing about it is that these feelings can be totally latent. They do not have to be strong feelings at all, and the music will help to amplify these feelings.

It would be really good if you can find out what kind of music she or he likes and what music was playing when they were in romantic moments in their past relationships. You can ride on their old feelings and actually use them to your advantage. At the end of the day, the game of seduction is all about the music, and once you master the music, you master the game. You will have your man or woman responding to you and being all seductive to your attentions. A good love scene always needs a good soundtrack to it – remember that and you can get anyone you want.

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