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Brainwave Entrainment – Your Solution To Superior Mind Power

Posted by admin on 05 April 2009

The solution to superior mind power has been quite evasive to the human race for quite a while now. However, all hope has been rekindled for the simulated evolution of the mind – brainwave entrainment. What is it? It is the use of sculpted and engineered sounds, introduced to the left and right ear at differing frequencies. The variance will be recognised by the cortical in the brain and it will respond with a frequency of equal stature. When this happens, the billions of neurons respond all at once, changing their electromagnetic radiation frequency and producing a global brain wave frequency that is similar to the variance from the engineered sounds.

What happens then is that the brain is then tuned to a super state, a condition where you are able to perform above and beyond normal mental capacity. The technology comes from a response to the unique feature of the brain that was only recently discovered by science. Sensitive electromagnetic instruments picked up low lying frequency radiations coming from the bran and neurologists realised that it was due to the neurons in the brain catalysing a chemical reaction where they released their electromagnetic pulses in a uniform and repetitive cycle. It was also discovered that these frequencies were not singular and focused, they existed in relaxed ranges and they differed from person to person – however it was soon discovered that the variances still kept within a universal frequency range.  This was just the first phase of the discovery.

The second phase was then mining of new information, in which the brain existed in 5 main frequency ranges, depending on the mental and wakeful state that the brain was in. When rested, near to sleep or in a deep dream state, the brain would pulse and ebb slowly with a low frequency states, starting from the Alpha state which existed in the low ranges of 1 – 15 Hz. It was also discovered that within these ranges, the brain seemed to have certain features that was not previously there when it was awake.

It was much more rested, cortical movement suggested that the sub conscious mind was much more awake, there was increased levels of growth hormone release, learning faculties seemed to be much accelerated and there were higher levels of healing. The higher states (up to 38 Hz) were subjected to more interesting features. They included higher creativity, better mental focus, more alertness, jubilation, better receptiveness to stimulation, ability to learn languages better – the list was endless.

The third phase of this discovery was the most important one – that brainwave entrainment was possible – using sound technology to evoke the cortical to induce the brain into the various frequency states. This meant that man has now the power to have superior mind power whenever and where ever he pleased. This was the answer the human race was looking for – to have the power to lift us above and beyond what we have been given and to realise the full potential of the mind. It was no longer a question of mind over matter, but what mattered most to release the mind.

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