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Brainwave Entrainment Versus Hypnosis Training – Which Is Better?

Posted by admin on 25 November 2008

This has been an argument that has been going on for quite a long time in the circles of personal development and it seems that the arguments for brainwave entrainment has been growing with momentum. The case is pretty clear cut and once you read why brainwave entrainment is better, then you will come to see the inherent dangers of subjecting yourself to any form of hypnotism. Let’s start with hypnotism first – so that you will understand the rationale behind its failures as an effective medium for self improvement. Hypnotism is much a hit and miss science as anything else and once you have read into its history and effects over the past 50 years, you will understand why. Hypnotism does not use any formal measuring or calculations – nor does it use scientific equipment to validate its selling points.

The thing is, the human brain is a complex system of neurons and chemical reactions, and hypnotism only assumes that once one is under, the subconscious is the one talking to them. But there are so many levels of ‘dream-wake’ that the mind can regress to and sometimes the defences are still up and the subconscious remains as hidden and as aloof to the efforts of the hypnotists as it as ever have been.

Furthermore, hypnotism seems to claim an all cure method for its single ‘state’ which by the way, doesn’t use measuring tools. Again this point is repeated for a very good reason. Simply telling someone to learn better or learn faster isn’t going to make him do so. The brain must be in the right state of mind or frequency state before it is able to multiply its powers of information absorption.

Simply telling the subconscious to ‘be happy’ doesn’t immediately train the subconscious to release the endorphins and make the subject smile all the time. That is the gripe that many people have with hypnotism and let’s not even go to the dangerous fraudsters who will implant messages for their own gain. It is a minefield of possibilities and it isn’t something that would give the end-user tangible returns. Brainwave entrainment is very different. It is an exact science backed up by almost 200 years of research and development with applications that run through a wide range of medical practices, including psychology.

The science has been refined of late and is made available online through consumer channels – one simply has to order the CD online (example) to start his or her road to personal development. There is no external party, there are no complicated procedures and the technology pinpoints and induces the exact brain states that are associated with your goals.

You cannot get more exact than that and when it comes to issues of the mind, one should not risk their consciousness and subconsciousness to a general solution to a very specific problem that they have. The answer to the question is quite elementary; brainwave entrainment will always be better than hypnosis training for its almost negligible learning curve, safety and the exact science behind it.

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