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Brainwave Entrainment Technology – Healing With Sound

Posted by admin on 24 November 2008

This is an informative, technical piece but it isn’t dry. It is actually quite inspiring because the potential power of this technology is immense and it can bring out the superior mental functions of anyone willing to give it a try. This is called brainwave entrainment technology and it uses sound to invoke the brain into different states – one of which is used for accelerated healing. Once you understand the power of this technology, I am sure you will want to look beyond this article and research as much as you can about this topic. Let me tell you about brainwave entrainment technology – healing with sound.

The brain is made up of neurons and tiny nerves that on a daily basis, produced millions of electronic impulses and chemical reactions within the cerebrum. This is the way that the brain communicates information to all the controlling centres of the brain in the differing lobes – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Once you eat anything or touch a surface, electric impulses shoot through the brain – filled with information on its texture, colour, and probability of what material it is based on the knowledge banks. Depending on what we are doing, neurons also react in a non specific way – when we are alert and walking around, neurons fire up a huge amount of electromagnetic impulses and tells the brain that you are wake and these are the faculties that need to be used – and how much to use them.

The secret here is in the range of the frequencies and there are 5 different types of frequency states from Beta to Delta (38Hz – 0.2Hz) and each state has been linked to a sort of superior induction of abilities. A person in Alpha state or in a frequency state of 8 – 12Hz is in a state that has been linked to extreme relaxation, meditation, accelerated learning and a stimulation of the bodies own immune system. Someone in the Theta state (3 – 8Hz) would be considered to be in a state that is ideal for sleep pattern improvement or a state where the creative juices flow. By using an auditory stimulus injected into each ear with a variable frequency beyond normal human range, the hemispheres of the brain and the cortical responses with a frequency state – so we evoke a frequency state by using engineered frequency. The science is exact, which means if we want to be in Theta state, there are specific frequencies we can use to induce it.

This means a breathtaking reality. We are in full control of our brain. Healing has always been associated with the lower frequency states – when we are in deep sleep and constant healing can be a reality. The medical industry has been using the power of biofeedback and autogenics for the exact same results and with the power of sound – the consumer world will be able to enjoy the benefits, just like everyone else.

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