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Brainwave Entrainment – Sound Healing For Your Subconscious

Posted by admin on 02 November 2008

Who would have thought that the remedy for a healthier life, mind, body and soul could be the simple use of sound? We all know that music can change our moods and lift our spirits, but do you know that music and engineered sound of different frequencies can actually unlock the subconscious and enable us to release the power of our minds to do good to our lives? For most people in the turbulent world, the subconscious is suffering from diseased perceptions and bad news syndrome – all affecting how it controls our emotions. Brainwave entrainment, the technology behind this sound healing for your subconscious, is the good doctor we all need.

How it works is actually quite simple. Some people in a sound lab discovered that the brain has different states, from alpha to theta. These mark the sort of brainwave frequencies that the brain releases during different states of our waking and sleeping life. For example, the deep sleeping human is often in alpha state, a state known for unlocking tremendous learning capabilities. This is why studies of late have proven that studying just before you sleep helps in the learning and factual retention process.

Amazed? Don’t be. Other states can help in unlocking intelligence, creativity, and even a state of euphoria. The applications are endless. How do we unlock these states? We invoke them through the use of sound. These electromagnetic brain waves can be excited when binaural beats are brought to bear. The technology works by threading these binaural beats into a CD that contains some relaxing music or music engineered to soothe the mind. These beats (which are beyond human hearing range) are introduced at different frequencies in both the right and left ear. What happens when the brain picks up these signals is a cortical response when these beats collide within the super olivary nuclei.

Ok, I am getting a bit too scientific here. The idea is that these beats create a brainwave entrainment – meaning it can evoke specific brainwave frequencies for different applications. Scientists call this consciousness management technique. So if you want to relax, meditate, reduce stress, get rid of an ailing pain, learn better, be happier, have a better outlook in life – you can use this sound technology to mimic brain states where all this can happen.

The science behind this, although developed, by current scientific standards it has not even reached the tip of our cerebrum, so to speak. More than 70% of the brain is still unlocked and research is still being carried out in these unfamiliar terrains. Who knows, in the future, we may be able to do things only Hollywood can dream of. But until then, this technology is here, it is now, and it can do nothing but help improve your life.

Find a quiet corner, sit back and put on the CD that has the binaural beats cleverly weaved into its audio structure. You will be amazed at the results and your life will be changed, simply by sound healing.

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