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Brainwave Entrainment – Mind Control Techniques for A Better You

Posted by admin on 01 November 2008

Brainwave entrainment is the process of stimulation. When any aspect of our senses is used, the brain is stimulated and will emit an electrical charge as a sort of response to this stimulation. This reaction forms the basis of our visceral experience – making ‘real’ the items we see, touch or smell. Scientifically, it is called a cortical evoked response; an electrical response that can be measured through brain wave recognition technology. Massive research into this area, backed by a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, has led to the discovery that certain brain wave maps allow for heightened intelligence, drive, internal energy and creativity.

Can we create intelligence within ourselves with this epiphany? Science yells out yes, we can and we can do even more, unlocking potentials we never dreamed of to create a better person. Live better, work better and be all that you can be, all by unlocking the power of the human noodle basket – the brain. The technology behind the manipulation of brain waves has increasingly become more and more sophisticated, advanced and user friendly. No more cumbersome helmets the size of quarry rocks or expensive machines which hook electrodes to your head – getting the right responses can be just as easy as switching on your favourite MP3 player, putting on a pair of headphones and finding a quiet place and 20 minutes of your time.

How can such power be so easy? It can. 30 years ago, we thought it was impossible for us to speak to someone across the world with the ease internet gives us today. 30 years ago we thought it was impossible for the everyday man to sneak a peek at space – until Richard Branson was born. Attaining the deep state of meditation that is required doesn’t need years of training, nor does it need you to be spiritually in tuned with the world – we can now emulate these experiences with the use of sound and sensory stimulation.

Many companies have produced specialised soundtracks that feature digitally engineered sounds that have formulaic beats, frequency differentiations, soundscape modifications all sculpted to stimulate a cortical response that emits brain waves closely that are associated with these heightened states. Music does not only unlock the soul, but the Einstein, the Aristotle and the Voltaire in us.

This has been gaining more and more momentum and popularity especially for child based programmes like bio feedback, autogenics and brainwave entrainment. Why not give your child or even yourself every advantage possible in life? Brainwave technology is the ultimate motivator that can dismantle the negative messages, attitudes and inertias that everyone has in their subconscious mind – working to unravel our lives and limit our potential.

These are just some of the examples of how you can use brain wave technology to heighten your brain power. Do some research, don’t take my word for it and you will see for yourself the impressive benefits that it can give you.

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