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Brainwave Entrainment – Improve Mind Power Easily

Posted by admin on 11 February 2009

Brainwave entrainment is the new technology of the 21st century that will propel the science of personal development and improvement. While it is not relatively new, the distillation of the various technologies within brainwave technology to the consumer level is and that has allowed average consumers who are struggling with debilitating problems to improve their lives and even unlock their true potentials.

Everyday, more and more people – numbering even in the thousands, are able to realise the full power of their mind with the use of this technology. You can be one of those people as well and once you understand what brainwave entrainment is and how you can leverage on its amazing power, you will be able to be the person you have always wanted to be.

Achieve a new drive in life, get back that energy and that ambition and fulfil the dreams that you have always had – all with brainwave entrainment technology. So how does it work you might be wondering. Well the science behind it is that the brain exists in different electromagnetic waves, which can be measured from as low as 0.1 Hz to as high as 30 plus Hz.

Each of the different states, named Alpha, Beta, Theta etc. have different functions and are able to evoke certain characteristics in the brain. For example, the Alpha wave states (8 – 12Hz) are linked to aspects of an increased immune-response system, relaxation, stress relief and even moments of accelerated learning.

So would it not be useful if we could evoke these brainwave states whenever we needed them? This is what brainwave entrainment is all about and once you are able to do this, can you unlock the full power of the mind. It is literally going in and pushing the buttons in the mind and activating states of superior mind power. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of binaural beats.

These are beats that have been sculpted through sound engineering and embedded into tracks played by a CD. These are then played through a CD player or even an MP3 player and the sound is transmitted to the ears at differing frequencies. The difference in frequencies will correspond to a cortical response in the brain, which then initiates a brainwave entrainment that matches the difference between the two frequencies.

Almost immediately you are then entered into a state where you can invoke states of super learning. The good news about this is that this technology is available as a wide variety of CDs and mp3 files that can be either ordered or downloaded from the internet. Many companies are offering this technology for the end consumer and it has given personal development the boost it needs.

Especially for those people who have no time to attend special classes or even gain the advantages of advanced methods like autogenics and biofeedback. With brainwave entrainment technology like binaural beats, anyone is able to improve mind power as easily as just logging on and waiting for the order to arrive.

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