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Brainwave Entrainment – Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Posted by admin on 23 November 2008

What is brainwave entrainment? Well popular scientific literature places its meaning under a term which also calls it brainwave synchronisation. Using differing techniques, of which the current most popular one is the use of sound and binaural beats, the brain is led to induce a specific brainwave frequency that follows a periodical impulse pattern. The frequency that is induced is usually done so to achieve a certain goal – for example to make a person fall into a deep state of sleep. This technology can change your mind, change your life.

This really depends on the method’s ability to get an exact frequency following response that falls within the allocated range. The medical industry has been using the power of brainwave entrainment for many, many years, especially when the technology was discovered in 1883 and now has been enhanced to levels unheard of. Using brainwave entrainment, doctors and psychological practitioners are able to induce a state where the body heals faster and stimulated the brain into optimum levels, allowing more blood to flow into the brain or to treat mind related diseases that involve thought degradation and progressive loss of mental functions.

It is also used to treat disorders in the mind which include OCD, serious ADHD and even amnesia. While its application stems from the medical point of view, many schools of thought, especially those in the personal development circles, have seen the power of entrainment in other areas. The discovery that the brain can be coached into a superior thought and faculty state – meaning it can be coaxed into a state of super learning, super thinking – an augmented condition that multiplies its potential effects on applied derivatives.

Scientifically speaking, the brain is capable of many wonderful things but the human body and its nervous system is not trained to capitalise on the brains power to peak. The use of entrainment software like sound engineered binaural beats forces the brain to follow a specific frequency patter, causing chemical reactions and neuron injection of electromagnetic waves that synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain. Depending on the usage and the goal, the use of entrainment technology can achieve almost anything that hypnosis and meditation claim to achieve. The science is extremely exact and complex mathematical calculations ensure precise responses from the brain that can be measured from EEG machines.

There are many other forms of technology out there, with the aural sphere being covered extensively by binaural beats. Visual stimulus through the use of a dream machine/mind machine can also produce the same results, just as electromagnetic radiation and magnetic field induction – however the most practical for consumer level use is subliminal CD’s which contain binaural beats.

These are the states of amplification that you can use to change your mind and change your life for good. The subconscious mind is sometimes the root problem for many of our bad habits and bad behavioural patterns and brainwave entrainment is one of the best ways for anyone to reprogram their subconscious to have a better life.

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