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Brainwave Entrainment 101 – A Beginner’s Guide To Brain Training

Posted by admin on 09 March 2009

What if I told you that you can make your brain undergo a series of regression therapy and brain training all from the comfort of your home? This is called brainwave entrainment 101 and I will tell you how you can do this, but before I do I shall explain about the power of this new technology and what the personal development industry has done to extend it to the average consumer at home. Not to mention the fact that this new technology, in the form of CD’s and other audio visual stimulant programme or hardware, is now readily available online all over the world and it is completely safe to use.

What is brainwave entrainment? Well brainwave entrainment is a technological response to the scientific discovery that the brain exists in specific electromagnetic states and that each of these frequency states is associated to a heightened level of mind performance. In summary, the brain actually has billions of neurons that on a daily basis, fires electromagnetic pulses all over the brain and its nervous systems to communicate crucial information from one side of the brain to the other. In this, we discover that we can read these pulses using sensitive equipment. During this phase, science has also discovered the fact that the brain has universal electromagnetic pulse states, which show up as one massive reading and this can be split up into five frequency states that have a brainwave reading from below 0.1 Hz to all the way to 38Hz.

Called Alpha all the way to Theta, each of these classifications have a different heightened state. Higher brainwave frequency readings means that you are in a heightened state of alertness, you are in momentum and you are up and about. Lower readings means you are either idle or asleep, which of course explains the low readings. High readings are associated with mental focus, mental agility, creativity, higher adrenaline and the lower readings are associated with better learning and retainment, much better relaxation and an increased level of activity in the human immune system.

Now these are just some of the examples, there are many, many aspects of brainwave frequency and their associations with the increased functions of the mind that cannot be described in length. How brainwave entrainment works is quite simple. Now that science has found a way to map these frequencies and the positives that are attached to them, all they needed to do was find a way to trigger those frequencies without using overly complicated machines.

They discovered that if the brain was given differing frequency stimulation in each ear, below the frequency range of normal human hearing, they could evoke a response from the cortical of the cortex – which would then in turn, fire the neurons in the exact frequency difference between the two engineered sounds. This technology is called binaural beats and is now widely available online in the form of music CDs. Grab them now, you will not be disappointed by how it can unlock your mind and give you the brain training you need – all with brainwave entrainment.

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