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Brain Waves 101 – A Guide To How The Mind Works

Posted by admin on 04 February 2009

Here is a little science lesson about the brain and a guide to how the mind works. I am sure you have heard that the brain uses electrical impulses to transmit information from one part of the brain to another, and even to the rest of the nervous systems, which determine our predisposition and understanding about how our body reacts to different situations and the five basic senses. This is just the surface of the issue, a mere tip of the ice berg. What most of us do not realise, is that the brain is sending billions of electromagnetic radiations in the form of wavelengths at all times -  a by product by the constant chemical reactions by the neurons in our cortex.

When our brain’s neurons fire as one, they create a sustained wavelength and this is usually preceded by an event. For example, the time before we sleep and the time when we are sleeping, our brain is pulsing very low and very uniform wave lengths within a range. Not only do they tell us that you are in a relaxed state of mind and in deep sleep, there are certain other effects that these low ranges have an effect on. For example, one might be able to learn faster and absorb more information when in these states. You also might have a higher level of activity in your immune system and you might also be able to heal faster. The brain works in strange ways and the way it is built now, it seems to have within itself the power to induce super states of learning and mental activity – but in seemingly strange places. As we go through life, we are in a confused state of brainwave activity and we do not always have a single standard range at any one time.

So what we need to be able to do is evoke the ranges that we need, when we need it. Before a presentation we need a lot of mental focus and agility. Before we start on a project we need high levels of critical thinking and creativity. When we embark on a course or learning a new language, we need to have the faculties that allow us to learn faster and absorb more information. These are the things that can propel us to new levels of success with values and potential that we never knew we had.

There are many incarnations of the technology available online and as a consumer, you have the opportunity now to purchase them and boost your brainpower. From CDs to audio files and e-books, the options are unlimited. Many people are getting the benefits of this technology and it is time that you do too. Whatever it is you are doing in life, whether you are a student, a professional or even a retiree, get the advantage over everyone else with brainwave entrainment technology. It is a scientifically tried and tested method, so what do you have to lose? You will not regret trying it at all.

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