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Brain wave patterns – your frequency to the fast lane

Posted by admin on 07 June 2009

 By reading this article, you will be well on your way to finding out the key to gaining an edge in life. This is done by using brainwave patterns to your own advantage and we shall delve a little deeper into the science of this first. Brainwaves exist in all of us, no matter who we are and they are naturally occurring in the cortex and the brain stem. What happens is that the different spheres and the different areas of the brain need to communicate with each other and how they do this is by using electromagnetic waves and pulses produced by the neurons in the cortical of the brain. We all have neurons, and they number in the billions in the brain.

They use electromagnetic signals as the form of inter nuero communication. As they do this, sensitive equipment is able to pick up the different wavelengths that exist in the brain. Now, quite separate to this is another wavelength set that is undercurrent to the wavelengths produced sporadically and they are about 5 different ones, depending on the time of day and the state of mind that we are in. The more awake we are, the higher the frequency and the total range of these wavelengths start at below 1Hz to about 40Hz. This is the normal frequency that most people will experience and science has named them the alpha, beta, delta, theta and SMR wavelengths.

Just a brief run down for you, the lower the wavelengths, the closer it gets to benefits like better learning, learning, mental relaxation etc. The higher the wavelengths, the more mental acuity you have and the more talents that are associated with higher brainwave function will be at your disposal. Have you ever felt that you were more creative at certain times of the day, or that you can concentrate more. How you do this is through the use of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment software, which in turn will create the frequency following effect needed to produce the same wavelengths that you need. This technology is actually based on the reverse engineering of the same natural occurring processes in the brain and thus will allow you to take advantage of what you already have, but you are no longer a slave to time.

No longer a slave to time means that you do not need to wait for your brain to come into that state any longer, but now you are able to activate these powers whenever you want. The good news for you and many more consumers who are interested in personal development will be able to gain this sort of technology just by going online and searching for it. Many developers of this technology has used the internet as a platform to market brainwave entrainment technology. All you need is a little cash, some time to listen to the CD on a daily basis, and soon your brain will be in a frequency for success. Change your life for the better today!

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