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Brain wave – Neuro Surf to Success

Posted by admin on 26 August 2009

Within the mind are little things called neurons, which are about the size of a nano bite, and there are billions of them all over the brain, within the cortex and the cortical of the mind. In fact, there are all over the different lobes or sections of the brain, namely the Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital, and what they function as are carriers of messages and data from one part of the brain to another. In other words, they are the brain’s own information super highway, with each of the lobes representing the various ‘servers’ all over the landscape of the mind.

Now, when looking at the neurons of the brain, we were quite stumped for a while with the simplicity of such a vast network – something so comprehensive and critical to the brain could not be something that is so one dimensional – the architecture and the engineering behind the human body simply will not allow it. So what we needed to find out was how well the brain was really using this network and what other features it supported. We of course, with this inquisitive discovery, found out that the neurons, as they fired their pulses of information, emitted an electromagnetic wavelength, something that could be detected with normal and sensitive E.E.G machines.

What happens is that when the different parts of the brain try to communicate with each other, they fire off a wavelength, and in the rounds of science and medicine, this is called the brainwave of the human cortex. The neural tissues within the brain all form an orchestra of some sort, each working tangent and overlapping to another but never actually colliding – a perfect example of form and function. While we were investigating the actual power of the brainwaves, we also realised that beyond the normal brainwave was another one, even more minute and acute, that seemed to be constant yet changing at different times of the day.

What we also realised as time went by is that the brain seemed to transform and lean into various super states when this happened, as individuals with certain wavelengths seem to be able to focus more, have better mental agility and seem to be able to have more mental power than others who displayed a higher or even lower wavelength. This is what came to be as the study of the power of brainwave and how brainwave entrainment came about.

This technology has discovered that certain wavelengths within the brain (now separated into five) have differing functions that can help us to become smarter, more creative, have better focus and better mental agility. In fact, we can learn faster, absorb and retain more information with these wavelengths, the turnkey to the super human if you like. Read up as much as you can on the power of brainwave entrainment, and if you would like to experience this for yourself, just try out one of the consumer products based on this technology – you would be surprised at the results.

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