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Boosting Mind Development With Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Posted by admin on 03 April 2009

The methods to boost mind development have been in abundance since advertising on TV exploded and early education became the fore front focus of many nations. Parents from all over the world were trying to figure out how to increase the capacities of their children with mind bending technology from proponents of child psychology, luminaries of calculation and mighty kings of memory retainment. The technology and the direction this was going was quite misguided, as in the end of the day what they were using were psychological tools and learning methods to ‘teach’ children how to improve their memory and utilise their brain much better than they already are.

Before that the only other alternatives to this was the use of hypnotism or meditative solutions to relax the mind and allow for affirmation to take place. This century and the decades that have passed beyond the previous one have brought to our attention brainwave technology and frequency states of the mind – which meant opening up a whole new chapter in mental learning and personal development. Science and medicine discovered that the brain existed in many different frequency states, evoked from electromagnetic pulses of the neurons in the brain communicating with each other.

Within these frequency ranges (with the highest to be measured at around 40 Hz, while each brain may differ from one another on the ranges and the peaks of the frequency) is the super states that we have been hearing so much about. Measurements have reached up to and even over 50% of the normal operating and mental capacities of individuals, and this is a conservative number of averages from the many subjects who have gone under clinical brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment is the technology of inducing a frequency from the cortical in the cortex of the brain to achieve the same super states associated with the ranges.

For example, if you wanted to learn faster and retain more information, you would need to reshuffle your brain into the Alpha state, which is associated when you are very close to or within sleep – quite ridiculous when you are studying. You get all the benefits of the alpha state frequency range without the shortfalls, and the good thing is, you can evoke this state whenever you want to. This is led from the simple fact of the nature of brainwave entrainment technology, which is packaged in a CD and embedded into soothing music.

The regressive therapy is simply put to use by the means of turning on your CD player (or MP3 player, as some sites allow you to directly download brainwave entrainment tracks) and finding a receptive spot for you to listen to the music and programme your mind for a super state. Amazing is the word mostly used to describe this new technology and it is because anyone, from adults, retirees, students to even the young can begin boosting mind development with brainwave entrainment technology – a new era of mental and personal development.

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