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Are Hypnosis CDs Reliable For Your Self-Improvement Needs?

Posted by admin on 01 April 2009

Have you ever heard of a CD being able to hypnotise you? Hypnosis CDs have been around for quite a long time, although their popularity has waned a little. Once the rage back a few years ago, hypnosis CD’s were the answer to many a worried mind. Many looked to hypnosis as the ultimate regressive and progressive therapy that can help them with their self improvement dilemmas. Few actually understood the mechanics behind hypnosis, and were just elated at the fact that they could have a hypnotist in the palm of their hands.

Well the truth is, it is not so easy. Self improvement through hypnosis is not a proven method for one. Its execution and theory is quite sound, but went seen through a kaleidoscope, there many inherent flaws that reveal themselves. For one, the subconscious mind is still a much mis understood piece of mind equipment, and for one thing, many have proven the fact that hypnotism is quite the blunt tool in carving the pre conscious mind apart and instilling the messages that you want to place in your minds routing box.

Also, hypnotism is not an exact science; it gives no figures, no measurables and no technology behind it. It assumes that within the state of reduced peripheral awareness, the mind is more awake and the natural defences of the conscious mind are reduced to a point where the hypnotist is speaking directly to the subconscious. There is no way we can be certain of that happening, and the thing is, every individual is built differently, our tolerances to hypnotic stimulation may be different and we may have different reactions to that form of therapy. Also, it is unwise to assume that the messages we decide to repeat to ourselves in that state of hypnosis gets hypodermically injected into our mind, and it becomes a natural routine. The mind has different levels of resistance to certain aspects of behaviour, like tolerances for addiction, mental routines, needs, cravings and undesirables. The mind and the body will not do something it does not want to do.

This has plenty of levels behind it. Hypnotism does not have the discursive power (in relation to therapeutic science), to properly reprogramme the pre conscious mind. To break down the barriers of need and place the body back into a healthy cycle, much more needs to be done. The mind must be properly tuned and evoked to a state where enough chemical reactions will start the chain of acceptance, the mind must be in a relaxed state and desire must be filled in. The correct state of mental absorption, focus and higher levels of endorphins might play a part. Also, there must be a bombardment, frequency states of the brain is also an important science that must be broached when talking about consumer level regression therapy and mental/emotional personal development. Hypnosis CDs are not 100% reliable and we need a much more exact science when it comes to areas of self improvement.

That is where brainwave entrainment technology comes in. Unlike hypnosis, brainwave entrainment is a scientifically-proven method, and many medical facilities have been using the technology to help patients recover faster and be more positive as they undergo treatment. There is a lot of literature out there regarding brainwave entrainment. Find out how the technology can help you improve your life in every sense of the word, and you will be glad that you did.

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