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Alter Your Reality by Working On Your Brainwaves

Posted by admin on 05 March 2009

More often than not the reality that we are living in is not really the optimal ones that we are looking for. While we all cannot be billionaire playboys or rich matrons lounging in a palace, we live vicariously through the big and small screen and are contented with our lives. Whatever jobs we have, wherever we are in our lives, we have settled down. By early adulthood, we would have recognised our limitations and the road of our existence would have been limited to the speed at which we are travelling on it.

We hope for the Nobel Prize but have to settle for the gold medal. We yearn for a Pulitzer, but are happy to just get published. It is a good thing to know your limitations, after all, over reaching yourself is one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies and the higher you go with no proper equipment, the harder your fall will be. So does it stop there? I can safely tell you that it does not. The reality that we are living in is for the most part, an accepted reality because we have determined our bottleneck and tailored our lives and our achievements to them. But this is down to what we think our limitations are. You would be surprised to know that most of us are only using 50% of our talents.

We actually have the ability to learn more, have more drive in life, be more critical, handle information better and inculcate a level of creativity that is almost out of this world. This is all due to the technology that is called brainwave entrainment, and it is based on the scientific fact that the brain exists in different frequency states due to the electrical radiation of the billions of neurons in the cortex.

Each of these states are associated with different talents and abilities – the higher ones are linked with instances of mental alertness, better creativity and increased focus while the lower states are associated with higher immune system levels, healing, relaxation and even better learning. What this means is that now you have the power to unlock the better you, the stronger you and the more tenacious you. The applications of this brainwave entrainment technology are limitless, because you can do anything you want with it.

The mind is a powerful thing, it controls all aspects of our physiological and psychological structure – and once you have the ability to bend it to your will, you will be able to realise your full potential. You can alter your reality by working on your brainwaves. Get that promotion with a presentation that amazes. Overcome your fear, quit your job and go after that opportunity that you always wanted. Learn a new language, gain a new ability and change the very face of your existence – all with brainwave entrainment technology. Brainwaves are the key to the new and improved you. Suddenly, all the hurdles of your life will disappear and you will find yourself running towards success in leaps in bounds.

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