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All about mind power

Posted by admin on 07 January 2010

Remember to breath deep. The more air that you are going to breathe in means additional oxygen in the blood and consequently in the mind. Breath from end to end using your olfactory gland and you’ll become aware of the fact that you are stating to use your diaphragm supplementary, taking in air deeper into your lungs. Quite a lot of deep breaths should be able to also help to unwind you, which is favourable to much clearer and more lucid thinking.

Contemplate and Meditate. A straightforward reflection you can do precisely now is just concluding your eyes and paying notice to your breath. What you need to be able to do is to actually tense up all the muscles in your body and then making them relax. When you notice one thing, is that your mind is wandering alot, you need to be able to bring back this attention to your breath and later on, you will be able to relax more and have a much more clearer mind for any of the tasks that you are wanting to do.

The third thing that you need to be able to do is to fix up your posture and this really affects how and in what ways that you think, An easy way to see this in actual effect is to try and doing some complicated math problems while you are slouching or even on your bed and then compare this when sitting up straight and keeping your mouth closed. You will definitely notice that it is much easier for you to do this when you have correct posture on your side and that you are able to perform more mental tasks.

You might want to consider something in the supplement industry called Phosphotidyl Serine, or a drug that has been actually developed to increase the power and the lucidity of the brain and actually boost the rate of your learning. What it does is that it makes cell to cell communication within the brain and even allows better cell growth within the cortex, as well as paying specific attention to the special receptors in the brain that allows you to increase the mind power in certain steps. The good thing about this drug is that is has been reported to not have any side effects to speak of and this is always a great thing when looking for safe alternatives to increasing mind power.

One other natural aspect that you can look into is the Periwinkle plant and the actual extract called Vinpocetine, which is really useful as a cardio vascular and cerebral vasodilator, which is used to actually increase the blood flow into the brain, and then improving the overall oxygenation and of course, with this, you have a situation where you can control and increase the mental acuity and alertness.

These are some of the things about mind power and the latest and breaking news about them that you might want to be interested in. You can find out more on your own of course.

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