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Achieving the Optimum Brainwave State for Everything That You Do

Posted by admin on 27 February 2009

The buzzword for the personal development industry is brainwave entrainment and it is a technology that you should be paying attention to – especially if you are interested in unleashing potential within you that you never thought possible. This is the theory of the 6 million dollar man in motion, a TV idea that has become a reality for hundreds of thousands of people all over the internet. Interestingly enough, the main platform of sale for the new technology that is brainwave entrainment is the internet, reaching out to the six hundred million something netizens from all over the world.

Brainwave entrainment is something developed when science and medicine discovered that the brain can exist in different frequency states. These frequencies are actually developed by the neurons in the brain firing electrical impulses within the nerve networks as a form of communication within the cerebral cortex. These billion neurons also have the ability to fire in a singular pattern – which then reads as a frequency in Hz on sensitive machines. Science had inadvertently stumbled upon the variable gauzes that the brain puts on at different stages of the day. For example, a person who is awake or doing an activity will have very high frequency states, sometimes reaching over 35 an even 40Hz.

These are called the beta and alpha states, the higher ‘buzzes’ that the brain goes through. The opposite is quite true when you are just about to sleep or deep in the R.E.M stages of rest – your brain puts on the breaks and decides to slow down, experience theta and delta wave lengths that can dip below 1Hz. While all these numbers are interesting, there would be no point discussing them if there was no use for these readings.

Science and men in coats have discovered that the body and the mind experienced heightened senses of learning, focus, creativity and even relaxation when in different states – and the best thing is, we can invoke these states without having to either fall asleep or drink a lot of coffee. The applications for this is enormous, you can have the ability to learn more, learn faster, have a better mental focus and discipline when doing things as well as invoke states where you are more creative, can absorb new knowledge all the more easier. Never more will you be envying those geniuses from afar.

You can become those very people with brainwave technology. From biofeedback, magnetic field induction to binaural beats, you are able to induce a cortical evoked response from the brain and set yourself to being all you can be. If there was ever anything you wanted to do in life and you always stopped yourself because you felt that you did not have the talents necessary to do it, then this is the answer for you – the solution that will put the drive back in your life and give you the energy and talent that you need to success.

So what are you waiting for? Change your life today.

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