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Achieve Success By Harnessing The Hidden Power Of The Mind

Posted by admin on 21 April 2009

 While scientifically “clumsy” as this may sound, the mind is an untapped source of power that has been living in blissful ignorance to the rest of humanity – the very owners of this untapped power. Achieve success by harnessing the hidden power of the mind is not just a statement thrown together to make an interesting article; it is more of a push in the direction of personal development that we all need. We are operating on less than 50% of what the mind is capable of and in the sense of the many tests and obstacles that we experience in our existence, we are quite at a disadvantage. Learn faster and tackle more complex problems as the days go by.

Evolution through experience should be the name of the game when it comes to the mind and this is entirely possible with new technology that is emerging at a rapid pace. But where is this dampening field coming from? Well, this can be traced back to the developmental stages of when we were children and how the processes of critical thinking and rational thought were developed. As children, we thought in purely reactive terms and the subconscious mind was much more at play than when we were adults.

During this period, the brain develops certain talents, and in the case of the world’s human population, different people will peak in different areas. For example, this explains why some people are more talented in certain areas than others, some are better able to handle mathematical calculations, some are better at being creative and some even have a better threshold for concentration. These are not special personal talents; in fact, these are just the heightened capabilities of the mind that we are all capable of if we just put our mind to it – pun intended. The mind works in various stages of brainwave development, where the millions and billions of neurons in the cortical of the brain fire electromagnetic pulses that show up as frequency readings on sensitive equipment.

The correlation of the readings and ‘super’ states of the mind simply point to one thing. When we as children were developing our mental faculties, through our exposures and our learning, certain aspects of our brain were switched on to full power due to the influence of what psychologists called subliminal and subconscious learning. While in actuality, all of our brainpower should have been activated, we are not subject to the mental learning processes optimal for full development and usually, when the critical mental defences of our awareness are fully built, this is quite difficult to change.

The only way to reverse this is through advanced brainwave and induction technology like affirmation, biofeedback and brainwave entrainment. Through this breakthrough in modern science, we are able to change how our brain works through periods of progressive therapy easily done at home and get the brain that we always wanted. Thanks to brainwave technology, we can now achieve success by harnessing the hidden power of the mind.

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