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Achieve Self Healing Techniques With A Superior Mind

Posted by admin on 17 May 2009

 Achieve self healing techniques with a superior mind is one of the advantages of up and coming brain technology like brainwave entrainment. What it does is that it tunes the mind to a state where the body will then respond with an almost accelerated healing process, where old cells get replaced and the natural chemical reactions which are precursor to healing and replacement will then be initiated. How this happens is that the brain tells the body that it needs to step up the self healing process, without the aid of medication.

The thing is, this sort of alternative treatment has been around for a very long time, especially in the medical industry. You have heard of the placebo effect, which is something doctors always use to trick the body to initiate the healing process without the introduction of chemicals that could potentially harm the person in the long term. What happens is that the real drug is introduced into the system at particular times of the day and when the brain sees it as more of a routine to the body’s natural process, it will then repeat itself, no matter what happens. The person has to believe that they are taking the drug, so the placebo will normally look and even feel the same as the regular drug, without the chemicals necessary.

It is very much akin to replacing vodka with water and seeing a test subject drink himself drunk, believing that he is very much drinking the alcohol. This is done because the mind believes that the substance that they are ingesting is the real deal and thus subconsciously commands the body to act appropriately.

While the effects will not be 100% accurate and detailed, it will achieve varying degrees of closeness, with some remarkable cases showing that the body was able to exactly replicate the effects of certain drugs even when given placebo. Comedians Robbie Williams is one person of the advocate that the mind in fact is a very powerful tool, and when kept happy, the process of healing can be natural and even accelerated.

This is down to the theory that depression can sometimes lead to a natural death, even when there are no diseases and symptoms present. Depression is a powerful emotion that can actually reduce significantly the effectiveness of the body’s own immune system to the effect that it will no longer able to fight off diseases that we are naturally immune to.

In addition, the heart and functions of the body can deteriorate rapidly with depression, but happiness and laughter are seen to have that exact opposite effect on the body. Self healing is also possible when paired with a subconscious mind that is attuned to let the body enter into a natural and effective healing process.

So you see, achieving self healing techniques is very possible with a superior mind. Brainwave entrainment technology has made this very simple and cost-effective to achieve; and you will find that attaining a superior mind can cost as little as a Happy Meal, but with benefits far greater than you can ever know.

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