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Accessing Accelerated Healing Techniques With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 29 March 2009

The brain can heal! Access this accelerated healing techniques with brainwave entrainment! Not so long ago, a former car mechanic revealed to medicine and science a stunning new discovery that left the world in shock. He revealed, through his own trauma and accident, that the brain had the ability to heal itself. About twenty years ago, he was thrown from his car and suffered severe brain injuries that left him in a partially conscious state – with only minimal speech and psychomotor functions at his disposal. But suddenly, he woke up, going from that to speaking fluently and behaving like a normal person.

It was revealed that his damaged brain was growing new fibres and pathways to the speech and nerve centres, revealing for the first time in medical history of the brain’s ability to heal itself and restore itself to normal function. But science had always known of the brains power to heal. The brain has the potential to increase the rate of self healing that the body is capable of, but not all of us have the ability to tap into this power that we all have. In fact, most of us are not utilising the full functions of the brain or of the mind and this is because of the many external factors that are limiting the brain. While I will not get into that too much further, it is the understanding of the science and medicine that the brain exists in different frequency states, in which each frequency is associated with a super state.

Before this gets confusing, the science behind it is quite simple. The brain has billions of neurons which need to communicate with one another, as different parts of the brain has a function that exists separately but as a whole, forms the entire physiology and psychology of the human being. These neurons communicate with one another through electromagnetic bursts, which contain a rich amount of ‘brain code’, needed to relay information and instruction back and forth. Only recently did we find out that the brain also has different frequency states, where billions of neurons emit a low level electromagnetic radiation based on how awake, or how asleep we are.

Broken down into five different states (from Alpha to Theta, <1Hz – 38Hz ), science discovered that in relation to each frequency group, the brain seemed to carry super abilities, or higher levels of mental functions and capabilities. For example, in the low ranges, (which is often associated with the time just before, during and after sleep), the brain seems to be more relaxed, have higher learning and information absorption rates. Frequency states have also been associated with the brain releasing a higher level of growth hormone as well as an inducing the body to release the chemicals and functions related to healing. This accelerated healing has been associated with the lower end frequency states and brainwave entrainment is the tool that can evoke this very state (without you having to sleep).

Brainwave entrainment is the turnkey that will help you heal faster and feel better. It is a scientifically proven technique that has been used by many medical facilities around the world to treat a number of conditions, and it has the endorsement of many experts within the field. So what have you got to lose? Experience the healing benefits of brainwave entrainment today.

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