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3 Unbeatable Ways To Achieve Superior Mind Power

Posted by admin on 29 January 2009

Have you ever wanted to achieve superior mind power?

The first way would be meditation. More often than not our minds are cluttered by our busy schedules, our stresses of work and home, our bad relationship, our money woes and thinking about our future. Taken as a whole, they can create quite a mess within our minds and marginalise our ability to focus and rearrange our thoughts. Not only do they create clutter in our mind, it also clogs up the pipes within our minds – the very pipes we can use to funnel the immense power of the mind and place it within our hands. Meditation helps because of the simple fact that it relaxes the mind and places us within the same levels as our higher consciousness.

Many of the proponents swear by the method of meditation as a brilliant way for anyone to unlock the power of the mind, give us a mental focus that is beyond what we are capable of and give us mental energy like no other. For those of us living in the modern world, Yoga has the same effects, and can be a useful alternative for those of us who have no time to travel to Tibet.

The use of affirmation has been quite closely linked to religion and prayer, and while its early and more rudimentary forms were part of the crucible of faith, science has recently taken over and have made it part of their scientific mechanisms. Its current form is called the ‘Dream Machine’ – and while I am not saying we should all head to something as complicated as that in the first place, I would like to say that placing positive messages within the brain and bombarding it with images and words embedded in another medium is an excellent way for anyone to reach into the subconscious mind and change their personalities and the way they live their life.

The power of positive thinking has been around for a long time, and with the advent of subliminal messages and their consumer form in CDs on the internet, now you can have this power in your hands

Lastly, but not least, is the capitalisation of the different brain waves in our cerebral cortex. Our brains are made up billions of neurons and how they communicate with each other is though the use of electromagnetic pulses that show up as wave lengths on instruments like the EEG machine.

Science has discovered that the different wavelengths correspond to super states of the brain, which equates to super learning, super thinking, super creativity – you get the idea. Brainwave entrainment can be evoked in the cortical using binaural beats, which use a different frequency set of sounds introduced in each ear to create a discrepancy that invokes the specific wavelength that we want. This technology is great for anyone who wants to learn faster, think better and even heal themselves faster.

These are the unbeatable ways to achieve superior mind power, and you don’t even have to be a spiritual luminary to achieve it.

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