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3 Simple Techniques To Improve Mind Power

Posted by admin on 30 October 2008

You have no idea about the power of your mind. In fact, most of us take it for granted as we go about our daily lives, living in an existence that subjects us to the monotony of work. Under the grind, this realisation is numbed by the need to survive that is chaotic and unpredictable. We see our talents as limited, not realising that the key to unlocking our true potential and multiplying our capabilities lies beneath our modern $25 haircuts. I’ll do you a favour and give you an insight to something that has changed many people’s lives; 3 simple techniques to improve mind power that can literally change your life.

These techniques are formulated and designed for us to get to a state of higher consciousness, what urban luminaries will call meditation and what scientists will call ‘one of the 5 states of brain stimulation’. Meditation is the first method. It is a simple technique you can learn to focus your energy inwards and maintain a balance and peace within the body. This way the mind is relaxed and you can now mould it to what you want. Getting rid of bad habits, empowering learning methods and gaining a winning mindset can be done when you are in this state. There are many guides on how to achieve this meditative mindset, including the famed transcendental meditation, which produces some dramatic results within its active community of proponents.

Joining a yoga class is also an ideal way for you to achieve a relaxed and optimal state. Their combination of classic ethnic music, breathing techniques and styles can help you to sink yourself into a state of utmost peace and Zen – not to sound corny, but it is true. Shut out everything from your mind and let yourself loose. While not the same, some have sworn by the ‘floatation method’, which is essentially floating in a swimming pool (or floatation tank if you have access to one) and attaining a state of relaxation and super learning. Your mind and you will be refreshed and reenergised.

The other effective way is to get your hands on a tape or digital music file that has been designed and mapped to produce the Binaural beats – specific audio frequencies (imbalanced, beyond human range) weaved into the soundtrack to produce a cortical reaction within the brain – producing brain waves that closely match to the state you want to achieve. By regulating brain wave frequency you can settle your mind in a deep meditative state and use supporting methods like visualisations and speech assisted therapy to mould your subconscious and increase your mental power.

So there, three tried and proven methods for anyone to get started on their road to greater mental power and a changed outlook and life state. This industry is burgeoning so be on the look out for more advanced methods to help you out. Remember your mind is the most powerful object you will ever posses – so I assure you that taking care of it and making sure it benefits you is something everyone should take note of.

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