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3 Reasons Why Hypnosis Training Is A Waste Of Time

Posted by admin on 27 March 2009

Why is hypnosis training a waste of time? One, hypnosis is the methods of the 1980s and no longer apply to a mind made more complex by complex times. The brain and how we think has changed with technology and hypnosis is no longer the answer to unlocking the brain form its shackles of stress and being exposed to an increasingly convoluted world. We need a much more advanced and more relevant answer to deal with a mind placed under grid lock most of the time.

Hypnosis is the thing of the past and their proponents are members of a dying breed. It is time to look towards much more delicate and advanced methods of mental therapy. It is simplistic, over used and glamorised by a television era that would not be able to survive in this current generation of broadcasting. Many have said that hypnosis and hypnotists are dated, and they must keep up with the times with the by words of mental and personal development running rampant within the halls of medicine and science.

Two, hypnotism has always been a blunt tool when compared to technologies like biofeedback, autogenics and brainwave entrainment. It claims to speak to the sub conscious but even when it is able to, it cannot claim to be effective in using a single dimensioned stimulus to right all the wrongs in the brain, Hypnosis claims to be able to use the power of messages and therapy to erase and rebuild a new person, but this is not a realistic approach to mental therapy and brain development.

The brain is a very complex tool filled with many layers of awareness and frequency states, Each of these different frequency states are associated with many other mental conditions and even super states. Hypnotism cannot hope to match up to more exact science, using intricate tools to dive into the minds sub structure, pick it apart and remove what is unwanted.

Three, hypnosis has no measurables nor does it have any proven statistics. Apart from some urban legends about its use to solve crimes and some TV shows where people behave like idiots, there is no real evidence to suggest that hypnosis is truly effective in what it does. No one can lay claim to the effects of hypnosis and there is no way to measure it. It is quite easy to see why hypnosis training is a waste of time because there is so many more exact methods out there that give you detailed research, numbers you can rely on and a medium which is both safe to use and affordable to anybody. Why go for expensive training for a skill that will never be used when you can purchase subliminal CDs and brain wave entrainment CDs.

There are so many more reasons why hypnosis training is not the answer to you and all the validation you need is to research on the effects of new technology and how it is helping thousands of people all over the world.

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