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3 Reasons Why Brainwave Entrainment Is Better Than Methods Of Hypnosis

Posted by admin on 19 November 2008

There have been many arguments about the usefulness of brainwave entrainment as compared to hypnosis. While many may argue that hypnosis is a good and easy way for anyone to gain access to a higher state of relaxation and reprogram their subconscious to improve their life, I would argue that hypnosis is more of a general solution for specific problems. The messages that get inserted may or may not work, and there is a potential risk that they might do more harm than good. There should be no risk involved when it comes to tampering with your mind and this is where brainwave entrainment technology comes in. It is the delicate tool compared to the blunt axe of hypnosis, hacking away at the door of your subconscious in the hopes that it may or not get through. Here are 3 reasons why brainwave entrainment is better than methods of hypnosis.

Firstly, brainwave entrainment doesn’t need any sort of training and there is no learning curve at all. Self hypnosis is a difficult thing for anyone to learn and the getting to that state is extremely hard for an average person who has no experience in that field. Brainwave entrainment, especially the most popular form available online (binaural beats and audio CD’s) needs you to just plug in your earphones and play a CD. It is an instant solution to the problem and requires nothing more than finding a quiet corner.

Secondly, brainwave entrainment technology is very specific in the sense that is targets specific problems and matches them to the brainwave frequencies that should be resonated. Need to think better? Then target the Beta wave frequencies. Need to learn more and absorb information at a faster rate? Then target the Alpha waves. For any area of improvement, there is a frequency to be invoked to that you can achieve your goals. Compare this to the ‘general’ formula that is hypnosis then you have a solution that is far more superior and far easier to use. Furthermore, you know that you are treating the exact problem and ‘hope’ isn’t a factor in your treatment.

Lastly, there has been a lot of scientific backing in the area of brainwave entrainment. The scientific and medical industries have been harnessing the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking as integral to the healing process and this technology has been at the centre of their efforts. With the treatment of Alzheimer’s, amnesia, Hodgkin’s disease and mental retardation as one of the key focus of brainwave entrainment. It has also been used to increase healing in even general and after surgery repair. Because of so much literature involved in the technology, you cannot go wrong when you choose entrainment technology to improve your life.

There are many more reasons why this technology is better than methods of hypnosis but these are the 3 integral ones that you should consider when thinking about self improvement. Gain back control of your life now!

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