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3 Covert Mind Power Techniques They Don’t Want You To Know

Posted by admin on 15 May 2009

 In the self-improvement arena, there are many techniques with regards to developing oneself to achieve a certain level of success where mind power is concerned. This article will discuss some of the mind power techniques that the personal development industry has been trying to market to the average consumer.

One of them is called affirmation, a technique that is used to induce the mind with enough positive reaffirmation that the subconscious mind starts to believe it and start a series of events and chemical reactions that will lead to the very improvement that you desire. The root of these methods actually dates back to thousands of years ago when priests of religion, now known as Mormonism, tried their hand at this through affirmation prayer, which is still being practised today. This is an effective method to boost your mind power; believing that you are limitless in your potential and that you have the power to achieve what you want are powerful driving forces towards your success. You probably have seen this method replicated briefly in movies, but the methodology is far from fiction, a reality that you can leverage on to boost your mind power.

The next ‘secret’ method is meditation, and once you have mastered the art of relaxing your mind and achieving a higher state of consciousness, you would be able to gain access into your preconscious mind and view the world with a different perspective. There is a lot to be said to getting rid of all the mental clutter in the head and getting an intense focus in whatever it is that you do. The benefits of meditation can be grouped into a single category called greater mental acuity, which will give you greater mental focus, mental capabilities and the ability to better cope with things like stress and pressures of daily life and demanding tasks. Many say that meditation is not for everyone, and that statement is true to a certain extent. Not many people can gain the benefits of meditation because reaching that level of Zen is quite difficult.

The last and possibly the best methods there is out there is brainwave entrainment, with technology like binaural beats. Using this technology, you can unlock the various super states of the brain with nothing more than a flick of a switch or a press of a button – usually the play button of a CD player – as you let yourself be exposed to engineered sounds embedded into music tracks. These sounds have frequency variations that produce a frequency following effect in the cortical of the brain stem, emulating the difference and thus giving you the super qualities that are associated with that frequency range. This can be anything from increased learning capabilities, better creativity, greater mental focus and accelerated healing, just to name a few.

These are just some of the covert mind power techniques that they do not want you to know about and now that you do, you are able to grasp the simplicity of something as complex as mind control and personal development. With the wide availability and ease of use of some technology like brainwave entrainment, anyone and everyone will have the power to boost their mind power and be successful.

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